Virtual Tour

  • Pooh’s Corner: Sit in Pooh’s Thotful Spot, peer inside Eeyore’s house, and say hello to Owl!
  • Kanga and Roo’s Sandbox: Wear old clothes and get “down and dirty” in this play area.
  • Reading Garden: Bring your favorite book and settle in for an afternoon of adventure.
  • Butterfly Garden: Admire the butterflies and search for caterpillars in this special garden!
  • Three Bears’ Homestead: Check the mailbox and take tea with the Three Bears.
  • Growing Healthy: See familiar fruits, vegetables, and herbs in cultivation. Remember, five-a-day!
  • Mesozoic Memories Dinosaur Garden: Experience the vegetation that existed during the reign of the dinosaurs! Participate in a virtual dinosaur dig, courtesy of the Smithsonian!
  • Chinaberry Chair: Relax beneath a grove of exotic chinaberry trees.
  • Rain Garden: Learn about runoff and how to manage stormwater on your property! Find out how.



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It takes more than water
to make a garden grow!